Mission & Strategy


Vialisa supports youth in building their own independent living by generating training opportunities and job creation. Youth are supervised by a mentor, helping them to take their future into their own hands.


Vialisa’s programmes are an important addition to the work already implemented by other organisations in Dhaka:

  • Giving youth between 15 and 21 years opportunities, when other organisations consider them too old and hopeless.
  • Making education as practical as possible, so that youth have a direct connection to the labour market.
  • Creating internship opportunities.
  • Investing in job search assistance and youth coaching, even after an intervention, in order to ensure that they get sufficient opportunities to prove themselves in the new workplace.
  • In some cases, providing them with the chance to move on to a (regular) vocational training.
  • Providing easily accessible support, wherein the supporters (parents, guardians) are closely involved.