Our strategy

The target group of Vialisa are youth between 15 and 21 years old. Due to its age, this target group falls outside most aid projects.

When youth register with Vialisa, they are assigned to a Vialisa mentor after an interview with the social Employment Desk, who helps them to identify what the youth wants. This mentor guides him or her so that this can also be realized. Youth then move on to basic education, vocational training, or a permanent job. Trainings facilitated and organized by Vialisa are as practical as possible, so that the students learn specific skills with which they can quickly find a job. In order to increase the chances of employment, Vialisa, together with local employers, also offers internship opportunities.

In addition to a training or a permanent job, the youth receive budget support, and learn to save for emergency situations. In addition, Vialisa tries to offer help in finding solutions in case of medical problems. If necessary, youth also receive help for problems at home and/or with the employer. Even after the youth has found a permanent job, he or she will still be supervised by a mentor who, among other things, ensures that skills and work attitude match the wishes of the employer. The employer, in turn, also continues to offer a fair salary and a reasonable working environment

Parents and other relevant family members are closely involved in Vialisa, which increases the youth’s support so they are able to remain involved in a study and career advice or placement. Furthermore, youth in this age group often have the responsibility to take care of their little brothers and sisters. To prevent drop-outs during the training, a crèche has been set up where the youth can leave their little brothers and sisters behind and they will be taken good care of.

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