With a structural donation you support Vialisa’s work. By converting you donation into a Periodic Donation, Vialisa can plan more ahead and give the projects a firmer foundation.

Do you want to support Vialisa by donating periodically? Then it is the most advantageous for you and for us to do that by means of a written agreement. This means that your donation fully tax-deductible is.

Since January 2014, it is no longer necessary to record a Periodical Donation by notarial deed. Nowadays, this can be done very simply by entering into a written agreement directly with the foundation. The only condition is that you record a donation for a period of 5 years. The tax advantage of Periodical Donation varies, depending on your gross salary, between 16 and 52 percent. Of every euro you donate to us, you will receive a maximum of half of your money back from the tax authorities. So a periodical donation is more advantageous than a monthly donation!

In order to record the donation, we have drawn up the form “Periodic donation in cash agreement” according to the criteria of the Tax Authorities. This can be downloaded very easily via the button. 

Then send it, together with a copy of your identity papers, to Vialisa. Afterwards Vialisa will fill in some details on the form, sign it, and return one copy to you. We will keep one copy for our own administration.

The Netherlands

Bank account: ING Bank

IBAN: NL95INGB0009552228

Swift / Bic code: INGBNL2A


RSIN / ANBI nummer: 8120.95.261

K.v.K (in Venlo): 12050567

Stationsweg 100

1702 AJ Heerhugowaard

The Netherlands



Road 23/b, house 1, Apt A4

Gulshan 1, Dhaka - 1212

Education Centre

Korail Bou Bazaar Slum Area

Unit-Kha, House 152

Ward 19, Ershad School mud field


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