Committee of Recommendation

Ellen van Schoten

Member since 2019

Dr. Ellen M.A. van Schoten RA is Chief Operating Officer at Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Besides this fulltime position she has several ancillary positions, such as member Supervisory Board of SURF. Most of her career Ellen worked in the public sector before she started her job at AFM she had a career of 11 years at the Netherlands Court of Audit of which 9 years as Secretary-General. 

“I would like my job to contribute to society. This is what intrigues me at Vialisa. This foundation makes a real difference in the lives of young people living in difficult circumstances. They support underprivileged youth in building their economically independent future in Bangladesh.”



Christian Huurman

Member since 2022

At the beginning of 2013, Christian said farewell to his job in London, travelled to Bangladesh and there met the Vialisa foundation for the first time. Having been involved in charity events, supporting the organization with donations, he became a board member of Marketing in 2015 and was the chairman of Vialisa from 2017 until 2021.

In order to remain involved with the foundation, he now switched to a role in the Committee of Reccomendation.

Niels van den Berge

Member since 2021

Niels van den Berge is an international development expert working on the nexus of water, climate change and agriculture. In this capacity Niels lived in Bangladesh for about 5 years, where he worked with youth clubs, government officials, NGOs and farmers on water management, climate-smart agriculture and universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Niels knows Bangladesh well and speaks Bangla pretty fluently. He performed several times in Ittyadi, a popular tv show aiming at behavioural change through satirical, Bollywood-like sketches. Topics covered in Ittyadi include child marriage, dowry and corruption.

“Skills development is the key to a healthy and happy life for many young people in Bangladesh. I have seen with my own eyes how adolescents from ultra-poor families are often left out from mainstream educational programmes. I like the personal and tailor-made way in which Vialisa is working with these young people. Supporting them in developing their skills and self-confidence is probably the most empowering approach I can think of.”

Members of C.o.R perform 100% voluntarily. They will not receive financial compensation for performances in the name of Vialisa

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