Board Members

Lisa van Gerven

Oprichtster en bestuurslid (interim voorzitter)

Lisa is the founder of the Vialisa foundation. At the age of 2, she was adopted by a Dutch family and grew up in Baarlo in Limburg. While studying Welfare Management at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, she did an internship at BRAC, gaining experience at the largest NGO in Bangladesh (and the world). Building up on that, Lisa gained further work experience, working in Vietnam whilst studying Development Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. Since February 2004 she has been working on behalf of Vialisa and living in Dhaka. Thus, she forms the communicative link between the administration in the Netherlands and the active operations in Bangladesh.


Saskia van Bergen


Saskia is the secretary of the Vialisa foundation. In her daily life she works as a speech therapist, thus getting into contact with various cultures, making the work very versatile. Knowing that it is important to be heard as a person to play a role in today’s multilingual society she is working with children who struggle with their speech, voice, language and hearing.

Through her wife Jhorna, who was adopted from Bangladesh at the age of 2, she has always been closely connected to Bangladesh. One of her dearest dreams is to go to Bangladesh together with her daughter to get to know the people, culture and nature.

Thus, when Gertian introduced her into Vialisa, she was immediately enthusiastic about the foundation.

Together with Vialisa, her vision is to enable the young people in Bangladesh to learn and develop themselves so that they can obtain a job under fair and humane circumstances.

Gertjan Balm


Two years ago Gertjan got introduced to Stichting Vialisa. Together with his wife he travelled to Dhaka (Bangladesh) with the aim to collect memories. Rina, Gertjan’s better half, was adopted out of Bangladesh when she was a child, hence this journey was more than just an ordinary holiday. During their stay, they met Lisa and visited her project in Korail, located in Dhaka’s biggest slum.

In my professional life, I work as an environmental manager at Dura Vermeer. In that role, it is my responsibility to coordinate large infrastructural projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, wind farms and parking garages. Essentially I am the linking pin between various stakeholders such as residents, competent authorities and it is my job to keep them informed and manage their expectations. I’d like to fulfill a similar ‘connecting role’ as Treasurer for Vialisa.

“What striked me, aside from Lisa’s drive and passion, was the commitment of the people itself that Vialisa is helping. It felt as if the Vialisa project is intrinsically driven by the people it is supporting, which in my view is the essence of development aid. Dit is volgens mij de basis voor het slagen van ontwikkelingshulp. Also, the ambition of Vialisa to support the underprivileged youth in building a sustainable economically independent future is something I believe in. T The ultimate goal is to establish a model in which revenues from the various Vialisa programs flow back into the organization on a structural basis, such that financial aid from funds isn’t necessary anymore to be sustainable.

“When Lisa asked me for the vacant role of Treasurer I didn’t have to think long before I accepted it. Being part of a small-scale NGO, which character resembles David far more than Calimero, simply because Vialisa is capable of doing great deeds and making a positive change, appeals to me. Misschien niet in omvang maar wel in behaald succes. Being an ‘appropriate cheese head’ I’d like to be the connecting factor between the two worlds Vialisa interacts in. Whilst being a small organization, providing it a large stage in The Netherlands.”

All work as Board Members is done voluntarily. Nobody is receiving any financial compensation for their duties as board members.

The Netherlands

Bank account: ING Bank

IBAN: NL95INGB0009552228

Swift / Bic code: INGBNL2A


RSIN / ANBI nummer: 8120.95.261

K.v.K (in Venlo): 12050567

Stationsweg 100

1702 AJ Heerhugowaard

The Netherlands



Road 23/b, house 1, Apt A4

Gulshan 1, Dhaka - 1212

Education Centre

Korail Bou Bazaar Slum Area

Unit-Kha, House 152

Ward 19, Ershad School mud field


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