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    Recruitment On behalf of our youths our staff members match them with appropriate positions in companies and institutions or with private individuals. Despite their limited work experience we try to place...
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    For youngsters who already have decent reading and writing skills, we offer a 6-month handicrafts programme. Beginners are taught at the compound of Education Centre Vialisa/Korail, and more advanced students will...
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    Education Centre Vialisa Korail This education centre in the centre of the slum of Korail, founded in 2006, offers basic education to youngsters who have never had an education, or who have had...
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With pride we present our new school!

We want to express our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to all those whom came to our rescue after we lost our Training Centre in the devastating fire in Korail Slum March 2018.
Friends, family, some of you whom I had briefly met or never even met before; you showed me the best of human kind by donating money, time, materials, and helping out with construction work in the sweltering heat and rain showers.

January 2018 we were able to open again. We are very proud of the result. 

Thanks to your support!

Vialisa supports adolescents in establishing an independent life by generating opportunities for employment and education. Mentors who help them take their future into their own hands.

With your support we can

  • provide education to prepare underprivileged youth for a sustainable job
  • create job opportunities for underprivileged youth 

See what your support has accomplished 

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ING bank The Netherlands:

Name: Stichting Vialisa

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Our Programmes


Our aim is to support our students in becomming independent young adults. When designing our programmes we listen to their problems and needs.  As a result our diversity of progrogrammes have been able to offer sustainable solutions. 
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Child labour

In millions of poverty-stricken families, the pitiful income that both working parents bring in is simply not enough to feed all the hungry mouths.

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Bangladesh is a small country, wedged between the Bay of Bengals, India and Burma. It is a young country in terms of its existence. In a distant past it was known as a district of India, called Bengal. From 1947 it was called East Pakistan, a district of Pakistan. Only in 1971 did it become independent following a bloody war of independence. Bangladesh, the land of the Bengali, was to become its new name.

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Vialisa in Korail Slum