Vialisa supports underprivileged youth in building an economically independent existence.

Our programmes

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First responder primary medical aid

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Our method

Social Employment Desk

The Social Employment Desk is the pivot of the organisation. Through this programme, the youth is recruited and moved directly or through our educational programmes, with the ultimate goal of a permanent job. Our goal is to admit 60 young people per year. The youth are selected on the basis of an entry and a motivation test. We try to place them externally, for example as cleaners, office workers, or skilled workers. Furthermore, personal and family counselling is offered in the form of a mentor after the placement. These mentors are co-responsible for monitoring and supervising the students through individual conversations, parent counselling, and visits to the work and/or training place.

Our Results

At Vialisa, we listen to our students as much as possible. We help them to become independent, thus giving them the right to speak. The needs of our students are therefore the basis we build our programs upon.

Through the diversity of programmes, we are offering, we were able to find sustainable and impactful solutions for our students.

The Netherlands

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