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Vialisa supports adolescents in establishing an independent life by generating opportunities for employment and education. Mentors who help them take their future into their own hands. Support us and give the youth in Bangladesh a future.

Vialisa welcomes all kinds of support – financially or in the form of organizing activities. You can support us by donating to us once or structurally. As little as 15 US Dollars per month helps an adolescent shape his or her own future. You can also help by voluntarily organizing a fund-raising campaign in your company, school, club or association. In turn, we will keep you updated by sending you our digital Newsflash.

Since 2008, charities such as ours that are registered in the Netherlands are legally required to have a governmental declaration of conforming to the requirements of the Dutch Tax Authority. An unannounced verification by the Dutch Tax Authority in January 2011 confirmed that Vialisa is authorized to hold such declaration. The Authority used our annual reports of 2007-2009, minutes of Board Meetings, our policy manual as well as an interview with our Managing Director, Lisa van Gerven as the basis for its decision to extend the validity of this governmental declaration.

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ING bank The Netherlands:

Name: Stichting Vialisa

City: Hilversum

IBAN: NL95INGB0009552228