img_0480-169x300Kelly Ter Horst

I am a singer (mainly backing vocal with various artists and TV shows in the  Netherlands and Belgium) and recently I’ve also taken on the job of hosting a lifestyle  show for TVLimburg (TVL).

My job consists of being on the road a lot, meeting loads of  people and experiencing nice things. I feel very privileged that I am able to do this kind  of work. I really enjoy it. The people I get to work with, the challenges that I face, every  day is different andnever boring. You can see where I’m heading with this! I can do a  job which I can enjoy fully, and that often gives me new experiences. This isn’t the case  for everyone and this is something that I’m really aware of. I’m not going to give a long  and extensive speech about why I became an ambassador.

The only thing that I want  to create is awareness. Realize how good our lives are. We often take daily life for  granted. We think our habits and living conditions are normal, because to us they are.  For many other people things like education, a job or a house, are not. And that is something that we should bear in mind!

I’ve known Lisa for a long time, since I was about six years old. The thing I remember most about her, that as young as she was, she always said “Later I’m going to work in development aid inBangladesh”. She was always very certain about it, really convinced, so it didn’t surprise me that she pursued this goal, and achieved it. As determined as she was then, she is now with this foundation. We both got to pursue and reach our goals.

Children living in slums and shelters. They need help, through us! We can contribute to their future, even if it is only a small gesture. Vialisa is a small foundation, but because of that really transparent. You can see were the donated money goes to, and what is being done with it. Children get a basic education for sixmonths, after that an trainee post or a job. They are coached for minimum a year. These are children who live in slums and shelters. They are not as fortunate to be born and raised in a prosperous country, as we are. How beautiful is it, that we can contribute and get these children out of the slums and of the garbage belts. For a chance of a better future, for which they do have to work themselves.

Again, realize! Realize how you live, what you’ve got and which possibilities we have and realize what they have got in Bangladesh. Realize that you can help!

You can read more about Kelly ter-Horst at her website